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[Pop Rock, Soft Rock] Kenny Loggins - Collection (1971 - 1994) , [MP3, 320 kbps]

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Сид-бонус: 700435

Стаж: 9 лет 2 месяца

Сообщений: 4396

Откуда: Иваново

Награды: Нет

Рейтинг: 34,47
Скачано:  641,41 ГБ
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post 17-Июн-2017 20:32 (11 месяцев назад)


Kenny Loggins - Collection (1971 - 1994)

Страна: USA
Жанр: Pop Rock, Soft Rock
Год выпуска: 1994
Формат: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 06:27:30

1.Nobody But You
2.Danny's Song
4.Trilogy: Lovin' Me / To Make A Woman Feel Wanted / Peace Of Mind
5.Back To Georgia
6.House At Pooh Corner
7.Listen To A Country Song
8.Same Old Wine
9.Rock 'n Roll Mood
1.Good Friend
3.Your Mama Don't Dance
4.Long Tail Cat
5.Golden Ribbons
6.Thinking Of You
7.Just Before The News
8.Till The Ends Meet
9.Holiday Hotel
10.Lady Of My Heart
11.Angry Eyes
2.Travelin' Blues
3.My Music
4.A Love Song
5.You Need A Man
6.Coming To You
7.Watching The River Run
8.Pathway To Glory
9.Didn't I Know You When
10.Sailin' The Wind
1.Lady Luck
2.If You Be Wise
3.I Believe In Love
4.Set It Free
5.Why Do People Lie
6.Enter My Dream
7.I've Got The Melody (Deep In My Heart)
8.Celebrate Me Home
9.Daddy's Back
10.You Don't Know Me
2.Easy Driver
3.Down 'N' Dirty
4.Down In The Boondocks
5.Whenever I Call You ''Friend''
6.Wait A Little While
7.What A Fool Believes
8.Somebody Knows
1.Love Has Come Of Age
2.Mr. Night
3.This Is It
4.Junkanoo Holiday (Fallin' - Flyin')
5.Now And Then
6.Who's Right, Who's Wrong
7.Keep The Fire
8.Give It Half A Chance
9.Will It Last
1.Don't Fight It
3.I Gotta Try
4.Swear Your Love
5.The More We Try
6.Heart To Heart
7.If It's Not What You're Looking For
8.It Must Be Imagination
9.Only A Miracle
[img=right]KENNY LOGGINS - VOX HUMANA (1985)[/img]
1.Vox Humana
2.No Lookin' Back
3.Let There Be Love
4.I'll Be There
5.I'm Gonna Do It Right
7.At Last
9.Love Will Follow
10.Lead The Way (Bonus Track)
11.Make The Move (Bonus Track)
1.Nobody's Fool
2.I'm Gonna Miss You
3.Tell Her
4.One Woman
5.Back To Avalon
6.She's Dangerous
7.True Confessions
8.Hope For The Runaway
9.Isabella's Eye
10.Blue On Blue
11.Meet Me Half Way
1.Will Of The Wind
2.Leap Of Faith
3.The Real Thing
4.Conviction Of The Heart
5.If You Belive
6.I Would Do Anything
7.Sweet Reunion
8.Now Or Never
9.My Father's House
10.Coby's Song
11.Will Of The Wind ( Reprise )
12.Too Erly For The Sun
1.All The Pretty Little Ponies
2.Neverland Medley
3.Return To Pooh Corner
4.Rainbow Connection
5.St. Judy's Comet
6.The Last Unicorn
7.Cody's Song
8.The Horses
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Список форумов ivbox.me » Рок » Зарубежный рок » [Pop Rock, Soft Rock] Kenny Loggins - Collection (1971 - 1994) , [MP3, 320 kbps]

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